Car Battery Trickle Charger

You want to store your car, or RV, but you know that when you go to start your vehicle after it’s been sitting for a few weeks or months, that your battery will be dead.

The car battery trickle charger is specifically designed for the maintenance of 12 Volt batteries that are used periodically or kept in storage for extended periods.

The normal self-discharge of a battery is prevented when using a car battery trickle charger. In addition, the life of rechargeable 12 volt batteries is extended by providing a minimum current, regulated output.

Low quality chargers will produce a strong, rapid charge that often will decay electrodes and boil out liquids. We strongly recommend purchasing a charger that; once your battery has been fully charged, it will automatically shut-off and then resume charging as your battery level drops. Also, check to make sure the charger you buy is specifically designed for longterm use. You want to be able to safely leave it connected to your battery for days, weeks, months, even years!

More important tips for vehicle storage:

Gas up

Air carries moisture with it and that will result in condensation in the tank. To reduce this as much as possible make sure the tank is as full as it can be. This will reduce the condensation and considerably lessen the amount of water in the gas and the injection system. Get a gasoline stabilizer such as Stabil and put this in before filling the tank. You will need

Prime Choice Auto Parts Launches Its Ottawa Auto Parts Store Online

Ottawa, ON December 9, 2011 Prime Choice Auto Parts made a significant move this past week to solidify its position as the leading Auto Parts Store in Ottawa by launching an Online Parts Store. The move is expected to change the way that auto parts are purchased locally. The Online Parts Store for Ottawa enables customers to order their parts online and have them ready to be picked up from the local Prime Choice Auto Parts Ottawa Store.

The focus of this Web Store launch was to make shopping for auto parts easier for our customers explains Shane White, Vice President of Prime Choice Auto Parts. For the last 50 years, getting your auto parts has been a difficult process. You would have to go to the store, sift through thick catalogues, walk down aisles full of different auto parts, and in some cases, they wouldnt even have the part you need. With our online store, you can make sure the parts are in stock and ready to be picked up before you even leave your home.

The success of this new initiative lies in the companys online Part Finder Tool. The technology is similar to what you would find on Amazon or eBay, where a customer puts in the Make/Model/Year of their vehicle, and are presented with parts that fit their vehicle. The Part Finder Tool at Prime Choice has compatibility with thousands of different vehicle variations, making it one of the most in depth automotive part catalogues in

Motorcycle Battery Charger Tip For Battery Trickle Chargers

A battery trickle charger, also called a motorcycle battery charger, are ideal for maintaining lead acid batteries. Battery trickle chargers have gained a reputation among many auto, motorcycle, and classic car markets because they keep batteries fully charged. The reason they are called battery trickle chargers is because it is the name of one of the charging stages. The trickle stage is right after the bulk and absorption charge. Battery trickle chargers or motorcycle battery chargers put out very a low current to keep the battery topped off. If you are looking for a motorcycle battery charger, here are some tips for setting one up.

Step 1. Position the AC and DC power cords for the motorcycle battery charger so that they will not get caught in any moving parts of the vehicle.

Step 2. Check whether the vehicle has a positive or negative ground system. Positive ground systems have the positive post for the battery connected to the vehicle chassis. A negative ground system has the negative post connected to the vehicle chassis.

Step 3. Attach either the positive clip from the battery trickle charger, or the ring terminal to the positive battery post on negative ground systems. Next, connect the negative clip, or the ring terminal to the vehicle’s chassis. The chassis connection should be made to the engine block or another thick metal part of the frame, not lighter metal items.

Step 4. Attach the negative clip, or the ring terminal to the negative battery post on

Benefits Of Buying Auto Parts From Used Auto Parts Atlanta Dealer

Nowadays, cars and other vehicles have become an important part of the life of people especially of those who are working and have to travel for hours to reach their destination. Buying a car is a great investment but at the same time maintenance of the car is not that easy or simple as it seems to be and needs handsome amount of money from time to time as well. When a car is used on a daily basis problems like any part failure are often and it becomes necessary to change that specific part so as to continue the usage of the car. Changing the failed part can be a great expense to bear specially if you purchase that part from a showroom or certified shop. So if you want to save your money then contact the used auto parts Atlanta trader.
It is not like if you buy a car today then after a few months any part of the car will require to be changed. Commonly, parts need to be changed when the car is in use for years or because of an unexpected accident. If you buy the part from the dealer ofused auto parts Atlanta who put up for sale the used parts of cars, then it does not imply that the part you are purchasing is old or worn out because if it had been so then the dealer would have sold it off as scrap metal.
The best reason of

What Is Quarter Glass For Your Automobile

Quarter glass or quarter life on automobiles may be a side window in the front door or located on each side of the car just forward of the rear window of the vehicle. Only some cars have them. In some cases, the fixed quarter glass may set in the corner of the car. It is also sometimes known as a valence window.

This window may be set on the hinges and is then also known as a vent window. Most often on older vehicles on the front door, it is a small roughly triangular shaped glass in front of and separate from the main window that rolls down. It has hinges and a latch, thus it can be opened for additional ventilation. Most vehicles since the 1960s have removed this feature for cleaner styling, known as “ventless” windows. Some vehicles also have glass that rolls down like regular window or have hinged opening vent quarter windows for rear seat passengers. This may be a side window between the B pillar and the C pillar and in the case of minivans, between the C and D pillars like the Chrysler Town and Country.

They can also be non-movable and mounted in the door itself because that section of the rear side glass would not be able to slide down because of the cut out in the rear doors to clear the rear wheel housings. The fixed portion of the glass is separated from the main window that rolls down by

Why Waiting For State Farm Florida To Cancel Your Home Insurance Policy Is Not The Right Thing To Do

State Farm Florida announced in January that it is leaving the Florida Property and Casualty Insurance Market. The only items yet to be determined are the details of the withdrawal plan and the timing around when the policy cancellations will begin.

Front and center are the estimated 700,000 State Farm Florida home insurance policies that are expected to be cancelled over a two year period – that’s over 29,000 policies that will be cancelled each and every month for two years. Regardless of your perspective, this is the most significant event that has ever occurred in the history of the Florida homeowners insurance market – and it could not be happening at a worse time.

To begin with, many of the home insurance policies that will be dropped by State Farm Florida will occur at the exact same time that Citizens Insurance Florida will be moving forward with higher rates in 2010 as required by law.

Although dumping on big insurance in Florida has become one of our favorite things to do, here are some little known facts that won’t ever make the coverage of State Farm Florida’s planned withdrawal from the state:

Customers of State Farm Florida love this company, its customer service, the multiline discounts, and the fast and fair claim service they received from the company after the 2004/2005 Florida hurricanes.

When State Farm Florida customers are asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the company on a “1-10” scale, many rate the company as a “10”

History Of The Trucking Industry

The trucking industry as we know it, began at the turn of the twentieth century with the invention of the motorized truck. Motorized vehicles were competition for the railroad industry and became a major factor in the increase of land transportation of goods throughout the United States. The development of fuel also contributed to the increased use of trucks. As motor technology advanced and improved, there was a natural progression for the construction of paved roads. As a result, there were regulations set by the state and federal government that were to be adhered to when moving freight.

Prior to the use of trucks, trains were the most efficient mode of transporting goods because it had the capacity to accommodate bulk. Trucks were initially used to deliver items to remote locations that were inaccessible for the train. The first boom in the usage of trucks occurred during the 1920s. At this time, roads were improving and made delivery locations more accessible. Eventually more durable tires replaced the rubber tires and trucks were made larger in order to carry more goods while providing comfort to the driver.

The first trucks were extremely heavy and had crude mechanisms. Initially they were only providing delivery and hauling to the city. This restriction was due in large part because the trucks could not handle the pothole and unpaved roads. The Automobile Club of America put on the very first United States contest for commercial vehicles; the goal of the test was to examine the

Tips on Selling or Buying Used Car Parts in Long Island

Vehicles, just like anything else, suffer from wear and tear after some time. You could take care of them, but it is still apparent whenever a auto is older than 5 years. It will not have the same shine and durability as it did when brand new. You could replace old pieces whenever you get used car parts in Long Island. Car dealership companies offer quite a few auto parts you may buy.

Sometimes, it’s far better to do the replacements for cars yourself in case you are well-versed in the technical facets of cars. It is also less expensive to accomplish the maintenance all on your own rather than pay thousands at shops. The only issue you will get is where to get car dealers offering new or used car parts Long Island. Buying used car components from dependable suppliers is easy if you know the process very well.

You will be more secure when purchasing auto components from a certified Toyota Long Island dealer. Private sellers can be an option, but they’re not the best option. You’re not sure with the quality of the items and when those components offered are derived from lawful means. It could be from a stolen automobile, that can get you in trouble with authorities. Going to a Toyota dealer in Long Island offers you the peace of mind that the components marketed went under legal process.

From time to time, it’s much better to keep a stock of minor

Used Auto Parts From Online Source

Buying spare parts for your car has always been a strenuous, time consuming affair. Not anymore “” you now have the option of ordering a used car part and that too with an online transaction.

In many cases, buying a used car parts may be as good as using a completely new one. If you order online it will save you a lot of hassles and precious time. For instance-suppose you are in need of a particular part. You might contact your auto parts dealer. Chances are that he will make you wait for days and months together to supply your used car part.

When you are in an emergency and need a car part all at once, buying a used car part is a totally fine solution for your problem. No need to waste your valuable time in keeping track of the order with your auto parts store- let the online customer care representative do it for you.

Ordering used auto parts online will help take care of your problem situation- when you are stuck with a damaged or missing part. But the process is fraught with its own danger and you need to be careful while you order online. For instance, if you find that the used car part delivered to you doesn”t fit your vehicle or doesn”t function properly then you are in trouble.

You must keep the following tips in mind while ordering used car parts online:

Decide on what you need exactly: Make sure you

What To Look For In Honda Quad Bikes

If you are thinking of buying a quad bike, for work, sporting, or leisure purposes then youd do well to consider a Honda.

Honda has a pedigree in ATV (all-terrain vehicle) manufacture and distribution going back to the 1970s, and has a reputation for producing highly durable, robust vehicles.

One of the first qualities to look for, when hunting for your Honda quad bike, is time-honoured reliability. As one American outdoors enthusiast recently put it on a discussion board, this is one tuff wheeler…I use it for hunting, work and trail riding. Another farmer commented that they had been somewhat lax in getting the vehicle regularly service-checked, but this didnt seem to matter their Honda quad just continued working for years. Furthermore, in a comparison of six agricultural quad bikes made by different manufacturers, and published in Farmers Weekly in 2008, the Honda Foreman S model came out with the overall highest score: in particular it scored highest in the maintenance category.

In order to benefit from the reliability, and durability of your chosen Honda quad bike, if you are buying new you could check up on this by posting a question about your potential new model on a web forum devoted to ATVs, and hopefully youll get helpful replies. If you are buying secondhand, then ask to look over any relevant servicing and repair documentation. If possible try to take the vehicle out for a test drive, and if thats not possible ask to see

Car Owners Solutions To Get Good Dollar From Their Old Car

When you find out that your cubical vehicle can’t do its job properly or totally can’t bring you somewhere, what will you do? Different cars owners for sure, they put distinctive solution for the car. Some part of car owners without doubt will let the car take its stop inside the garage until forever, or worst, it is only parked somewhere in the backyard. Whilst other car owners will bring the not-longer-well-functioned car to car repair shop with some hope. And for the last group, the prefer to sell the car for good.

Nevertheless, the causes of the car problem can be from any part of the car, it can be from the engine department, baler belt lacing tool, and many other. Probably, there is nothing like serious condition for the car, however you simply want to get rid the car as you don’t have more space, not to mention, but among those above solution, sell the car can be good option. As the matter of fact, you gain two advantages at once. First, you can get rid the unused car, hence you have more space in your garage.

Second, you get paid from the car. Though the final option is on your hand, but comparing to another two option, the aforementioned is better. Still if you think about selling your car, familiarize yourself the right dealers for the car. Examining for the right dealer for your old, classic, or abandon car, take a

Influential Fun With The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam

I learned about Monster Jam last year! So I along with my friend decided to go there tats we took first step as securing the discounted Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Tickets. It was my first experience to play with love sports trucks and I never knew anything about them. But my friend told me that trucks runs on dirt just like a wild animals by stuffing the name of the Gravedigger. He told me that he himself has great passion for the truck and also have a play truck which key he key moves with him whenever he sleeps. The trucks are really inspiring in fact they are death game in which sometimes trucks are racing on the floor and sometimes they are climbing and flying in the air. He also added many other numbers of trucks infuses thrill among the audiences. Are you also one of those who hasnt experienced the live dirt of the Advance Auto parts Monster Jam then this year would be best to experience the series with the Cheap Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Tickets. They are coming to Chicago and near to your town also! Most probably this year you will avail the chance to see your old as well as new stars.

New cheersNew trucks..New drivers thats all the name of the Championship series of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam trucks. Moreover for better excitements and for memorable fiesta you can have see the schedule and grasp your Cheap Monster

Looking for the Best Quality of Window? Read this!

Everyone will agree that house is the best place that we can use to spend most of our time. If you feel so bored or you feel so tired after a full day working, you can go home and you can have the relaxing time in your home. You will feel so happy since you can have the best day in your own home. Do you think so? Well, if you feel so comfortable in your home, it means that you can create the good atmosphere for your own home. There are many kinds of ways that you can do in order to create the great atmosphere of your home.

From many kinds of ways, make sure that you can have the best components of your home. One of the significant thing that you should have for your home is the window system. If you are looking for the best quality of the window system for your home, you can choose Residential Home Office Window Tinting Orlando. This is one of the best window supplier that you can trust for their quality. You can also have the Automotive Window Tinting Orlando for the window for your car. Make sure you choose the right window system with Orlando Window Tint.

Driver License Suspension – How An Insurance Or Subrogation Company Can Suspend Your Texas License

If you have a Texas Driver License and somebody has called you or sent you a letter threatening the suspension of your driver license over an auto accident, it is highly possible that it could actually happen, but it is just as probable that the person making the threat doesn’t actually understand the rules as they apply in Texas. Only the Texas Department of Public Safety can suspend your driver license (and the DPS doesn’t call people to advise of a pending suspension, they will send a written notice). What an individual, insurance, or subrogation company can do is request the suspension of your license in accordance with Chapter 601 of the Texas Transportation Code, and there are a lot of exceptions and rules that have to be followed (it is notable that if you don’t have a license, a proper request will keep you from getting one, and the suspension is supposed to affect your registration, too).

If the person calling you is an insurance company or subrogation firm, they probably know how to get you suspended, and it is not required that you be sued. You can lose your license, registration, and ability to get a license even if you have not been sued. If you have been sued over an auto accident and you lost, then 99% of the time, you will be losing your license and registration privileges until you pay. Anyway, non-suit suspension of a Texas driver license is what this article is about, so

Great Tips On Auto Repair That Will Help You!

Do you have a car that is in need of repair. Even if it doesn’t at this moment, you understand the stress that it can cause. You may have trouble deciding whether to call a mechanic. How can you be sure? Read this article to learn everything you need to know about auto repairs.

A good mechanic will likely have some credentials. Look for a seal of approval or N.I.A. This will tell you if they are properly trained and will provide you with quality service.

Doing vehicle repairs yourself can also be rather risky. Never work on your own vehicle without having someone close by. You never know when an emergency may occur. If you buy good quality tools, they will last a long time. This is especially true of your tire changing equipment. Also, buy a strong jack in case you need to prop your car up in an emergency. This is the reason why you should use a reliable hydraulic floor jack equipped with the right jack stands.

It is not always necessary to call a repairman when you have car trouble. Some of the work can be done on your own, as there are problems that are relatively easy to repair. You can always go online and try to diagnose the problem and educate yourself to the possibilities. Simple repairs that do not require special tools can be done by yourself, and can save you money.

Only use a garage which has manufacturer authorization. The warranty

BMW X3 and 3013 Audi Q5

The BMW X3 and Audi Q5 are two of the most well-known in the auto industry for some good reasons. Both are classy, quite fuel-efficient, and a little more entertaining to drive than their competitors from the U.S. and Asia. However, when they face off and nose to nose, one becomes a clear winner, according to our numeric rankings.

For their performance, the new 2011 Audi’s turbocharged four-cylinder tends to make its own V-6 almost outdated. The front-drive, 211-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbo four helps make more torque than the 270-hp V-6, and obtains better gas mileage too, of 20/27 mpg. It’s a gutsy performer with 0-60 mph times of just over 7.0 seconds, a bit slower and coarser than the six, but drastically less expensive in some trims. But while we get pleasure from the Q5’s drivetrain performance, its handling isn’t rather as amazing, especially when Audi’s Drive Select package of electronic adaptive controls for the transmission, throttle, steering and suspension is ordered. The Q5’s steering doesn’t feel natural, and ride quality in Sport mode can be pretty harsh–though compared to some other crossovers, the Q5 still comes across as more car-like.

BMW provides two drivetrains, both six-cylinders, and because of a new eight-speed automatic, they over shadow the Q5’s straight-line performance and are better or on par with its fuel economy. Of the two, we have a preference for the exceptional acceleration of the 300-hp turbo six; at a 0-60 mph time of 5.5 seconds, it’s the closest approximation of

Dust To Dust Study Refuted

It can be remembered that last week, a study conducted by CNW Marketing Research reported that hybrid cars are not as green as they appear to be. The study focused on the amount of energy a vehicle would need in its lifetime. The result of the study conducted over two years shows that hybrid cars uses up more energy than conventional gasoline engined vehicles.

In fact, the study claims that compact and midsized SUVs consume less energy than hybrid vehicles. More interestingly, the Hummer is considered greener than hybrid cars. When the eco-friendliness of cars is concerned, environmentalists and points to the gas-guzzling capability of the Hummer. But with the result of the study conducted by CNW gives Hummer lovers an argument in the ongoing battle of words.

Environmentalists though have found an ally in Dr. Peter H. Gleick of the Pacific Institute. Dr. Gleick recently published his study entitled Hummer versus Prius: Dust to Dust Report Misleads the Media and Public with Bad Science. The said paper refuted the study published by CNW Marketing Research.

According to the result of Dr. Gleicks study, the Dust to Dust: The Energy Cost of New Vehicles From Concept to Disposal uses poor assumptions. The data pointed out by Dr. Gleick, which shows that the study conducted by CNW Marketing is erroneous, is the usable life of a Prius and the Hummer.

According to the expert, the original study put the usable lifespan of a Prius at only 11 years

Check Availability Of Discounted Auto Parts Online

Many vehicle owners are now turning to the used auto part than the new ones in order to maintain and repair their car. They offer better options since they allow the user to save enough money and time at the same time. This allows the user to save their hard earned money by up to 55% on an average. The Discount Auto Body parts are available at various web portals and the user can also ask for them from the various other retail shops as well.

Wider selection in the used parts market provides the user with the right platform to pick the right car part that meets the fit, quality requirement and functionality of your car. By opting for Auto Body Parts online, you would play an important role in lessening the negative impact on the natural resources as automotive recycling plays an important role in reducing air pollution, water pollution and solid waste generation.

To maintain a vehicle is an expensive proposition these days. Since there are not many who earn much more than their expenses, it becomes all the more difficult if they are met with sudden expenses such as an accident or the spare parts of their vehicles get worn off. But you do have an option of buying the right spare part by going online and visiting the various web portals in order to select the best Auto Body Parts online. These web portals offer the best choice by offering discounted spare parts at

Is it true that gap insurance is better for more expensive cars like Mercedes or a Porsche?

GAP insurance an acronym for Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance is the difference between the ‘actual cash value’ of a car and the remaining balance on a car loan, lease etc. GAP indemnity is used mostly but not limited on used and new small vehicles and heavy trucks. Expensive cars like Mercedes and Porsche do require and sell GAP coverage in their dealership.

Copy of What am i going to do now

Learn more about for whom and what covers under GAP insurance.

Let’s look at a scenario where you buy a car for $28,000 with $3,000 down payment. Soon after buying, it might be worth only $17,000 to $19,000 by indemnity company calculations, based on elements including the condition of the car, industry guides and price surveys. So, if you do away with your car and get the maximum coverage payout through collision and comprehensive coverage, you still end up with a $6,000 remaining loan and no car!

Do You Require GAP Coverage?

Certainly, not everybody needs gap coverage. But there are about vital occasions where gap coverage can play an important part in your financial security:

  • If you investment in a car with a great rate of depreciation, purchasing gap insurance can be beneficial for you. Most cars quickly depreciate, but some depreciate too
  • If your car has loan balance for more than four years, gap coverage might

Advantages Of Buying Used Auto Parts Online

Buying Auto parts online is sweeping the nation. It is amazing how much the world has changed in such a short time. I can remember when I was a kid if my parents wanted to buy something they had to get out the JC Penney’s catalog. That’s right, and then they would call in their order and wait about 4 weeks before they got what they bought. It’s not like this anymore! Things have changed in every area and every industry.

*A larger amount of options – Do you need your auto part to be new? Is buying a used part an alternative? Do you want to compare several options simultaneously? Then purchasing your auto part online is something that you should consider. It is very convenient and you can compare the part you need with several other stores and sellers online. This guarantees that you acquire the best deal and get the most for your money each time.

*Get to know your seller – Most all auctions have an option to rate the seller. This is easily available to you when buying online. Using this tool you can check out the past responses of people who have bought from that seller in the past. This helps you to choose the right person to buy from, lowering your risk of getting cheated online.

*No limits – Think about it, can far can the internet go to? Where is the boundary? There is none! It is it’s own world that we