Some Advantages Of Advanced Auto Parts

Alright, they made me say that. But, no matter how big they get, they still have customers call them Advanced Auto Parts, even though their trademarked name is Advance Auto Parts. They even have the number one spot on Google for the keywords “advanced auto parts.” So, no matter what you finally call them, you can still get top of the line part for your car and other auto equipment at great prices.
Some Advantages
Advance Auto Parts tries to be a bi-lingual business and encourages Spanish speaking employees to come work for them. Their website even has a Spanish version. Advance Auto Parts knows there is no bargain getting advanced auto parts on sale if the sales staff is rude, dimwitted or indifferent. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the employees at Advance Auto Parts about your new advanced auto parts – it’s their job to help you, or they have to look for another job.
Another advantage of Advance Auto Parts is that there is a whole slew of them all across America, so you’re not stuck having to go to just one store. There are currently about 3000 stores in the East Coast and the Central states. If you live on the West Coast, sorry – there aren’t any stores out there yet.
Big Online Shop
However, even if there aren’t any real world Advance Auto Parts stores in your state, you can still buy your advanced auto parts, tools and car fluids from their huge online web catalogue. They ask that, if you want a specific car part, to tell them what make and model of car you have, so this will better help you select the right part for the right car the first time.
You can shop by category or even by advanced auto parts numbers (if you happen to know the exact numbers that you need; hey, it can happen). As of this writing, you can pay online only by major credit card. Most shipping of your order is in about five business days or less. When you make an order, you get a “promise date”, which is their lingo for “estimated delivery date” or “when you really have to start worrying date”.
If you do have an Advance Auto Parts real world shop near you, but don’t have a lot of time to shop in the actual store, you can shop online and pick all your stuff up at the store.